Grand Event: W&M Entrepreneurship/Fiji House

Pictured is the future of Hope Family Village.

Maybe these graduating MBA and undergraduate students will do other things with their lives, but on Saturday they adeptly moved Hope Family Village forward by staging a grand event.

Graciously hosted at the home of Phi Gamma Delta, the Fiji House, brought together – by the current field consultancy team from the College of William and Mary’s Mason Business School Center of Entrepreneurship  – were the brothers, family caregivers, our Williamsburg Fairweather Lodge members and stakeholders (House of Mercy, City Council). The present and future of hope.

What was the grand event?

Part celebration of the Virginia Senate Floor passing SB 30, the set aside of property for Hope Family Village’s 25-family community project. One step closer to a dream. Part conversation and fun.

Breaking Bread

Part breaking bread, cooking and sharing a meal together. Part creative exercises – involving the W&M student team, the brothers, and the villagers – to share with each other who we are, what we think and believe, what defines us, and why we are creating this very special place.

The student team learned about us. We learned about them. What we demonstrated is how easy and effortless it is to come together, work together, with a common purpose.Home, family, care, acceptance, inspiration.

It was a beautiful day.

Hope Family Village Enters Agreement with W&M Law School

We are excited to announce a new relationship with the William and Mary Law School, Business Clinic. This action serves to continue and expand our relationship with the College of W&M to develop Hope Family Village. As we progress, we see the College as a vital partner.

As noted elsewhere on this blog, Hope Family Family Village has enjoyed an extremely productive relationship with the W&M Mason Business School Corporate Field Consultancy Program and the Center of Entrepreneurship.

Recently, we met with two third year law students, MaryKatlyn Lukish and Taylor Basford, who will be supporting us in the startup phases of the organization. While we have already incorporated, received our 501(c)3 status, had our first annual meeting and elected our board, among other actions, we are engaged in a number of tasks.

Katie and Taylor will be working on a variety of legal research-based activities and making recommendations.