Welcome everyone. At Hope Family Village we are all about the dining. Why?


Our next dinner is Thursday, April 12th @ 6:30 PM at Jimmy’s in Norge, VA.

In developing not only our organization, the physical village, the social architecture, we know how important being on the same page really is. We share a vision and we are on a mission. Together. How we arrive is by giving everyone a voice in the design process.

For all of us, we know how important support groups have been in our lives. That’s how we met. Here, our families and loved ones in recovery bring tremendous experience. Whether it is lived experience or caregiving or coaching or research. We share a common bond to achieve value as human beings and know respect. We share without repercussion. We come to trust one another. We know that we are not alone.

Hope Family Village is another step forward in the creation of a physical neighborhood. You live among neighbors who look after one another.

Our dinners are social occasions to get to know each other better. Whether you join the physical or not, we welcome you to our community. You hear about the many that lie ahead. Join us.