Home of Open Dialogue and Experiment in Basic Income

As we think through designing Hope Family Village, we know that the cohousing platform is ideal.

For a community to work requires everyone pitching in, in some way, to support their neighbors and their community.

What brings us together is the need for mutual support and desire for mutual acceptance.

We want to do more than survive. We want to thrive.

Countries like Finland and Denmark offer us practiced innovations that might help us in our design.

Here are two recent articles about a new Finnish experiment on basic income (1) and (2). Western Lapland is also the home of Open Dialogue, which has been very effective.

Quite naturally, we all want to realize personal value and satisfaction. How do you measure that? It’s different for each person. Certainly, we can realize satisfaction from producing something, creating something, or simply working together toward a common goal (e.g. growing a garden).

Maybe in the case of an extreme northern latitude, the conditions are so harsh, a need to innovate to realize the value from one’s life is bred.

In our case, Hope Family Village is an experiment. Our own invention.

We’re creating something new. We can be open to other ideas and approaches that may pragmatically fit our community.