No, it’s not Muzzorgsky. It’s Hope Family Village.

I had thought of entitling this post, 2019: Year in Review. Then, I thought that this year our accomplishments we can show in pictures. And, one photograph, taken by HFV member Jim Thomas, stands out.

Williamsburg Fairweather Lodge Family and Friends










We journeyed for 5 years to reach this point. In October, we celebrated with a potluck supper, with family and friends, the opening of the first Fairweather Lodge in Virginia. A picture of perseverance, celebration, and, mostly, gratitude.

Carmen Andreoli Receiving Exelon Award in Washington, DC


Hope Family Village Board Director and Treasurer received an award for his volunteer service from his employer Exelon Corporation. Hope Family Village received a $5,000 grant to support its Fairweather Lodge program.


Lisa Thomas Speaks to Kiwanis Toano

Board Director Lisa Thomas gave a presentation on Hope Family Village’s concept and development for 25 families on 25 acres at Eastern State.

Carmen with PEPCO CEO and Fellow Exelon Volunteers
Co-sponsoring a
Play with The Williamsburg Players
Hope Family Village Supporter George Duke with Lodge Member Steve Uzelak (Andrea Bond joined us there, too) and Lodge Coordinator W. Corey Trench at Fairweather Lodge Conference (Hershey, PA)