Since January, we have been running full out. (I have noticed some grey hair appearing.)

1. In July we will open the first Fairweather Lodge in Virginia. The Williamsburg Fairweather Lodge has been a long time coming. Beginning in 2015, we took part in national lodge events and conferences. In 2017, we started a virtual lodge at The Coffee House. Now, here we are four lodge members moving into a real house. They have been working on their lodge rules and handbook. Much work remains ahead, but everyone is confident and excited. We want this first home to be a success. We want our community to know what is possible when a small group goes to work. They will see that Hope Family Village is much more than talk. We have a great board and supporters. And, we do stuff.

Lodge Member Saturday Morning Breakfast Meeting

2. From January through March, we sought further amendments to the state budget, led by Sen. Tommy Norment. A big thank you! The result: The Governor’s budget sets aside 25 acres for 25 families for a $1 lease for Hope Family Village at Eastern State. This is another pursuit that has been a longtime coming, dating back to April of 2016 when we envisioned it at Gloucester Library.
We have since met with James City County, the state’s Department of General Services, the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services, and Colonial Behavioral Health. All are motivated to see this project happen. We are beginning to talk the details and schedule for making this happen. Likely, we will be looking 3 – 4 years to construction at this site. Before then, we will begin organizing families who are truly interested in financially committing to living in the village. As we negotiate the lease arrangement, we will be communicating with you more regularly in a newsletter.
Most important is that we are creating community. Fairweather Lodge is our first tangible step toward creating a tangible village. A community of acceptance and mutual support.
It is a very exciting time. We have come a long, long way in a short time.
For those interested in getting on our list of families and interested parties, contact Sandy Mottesheard at She organizes our family dinners.