Carmen Making His Remarks

Hope Family Village is very proud of its co-founder, director and treasurer Carmen Andreoli.

Directors’ Trench and Thomas joined Carmen at Employee Volunteers Program Awards luncheon in DC in May.

He was one of only 14 employees, companywide, to receive an award and grant of $5,000 for the HFV organization. He was the only awardee from the non-regulated sector and a subsidiary of Constellation Energy. The parent, Exelon Corporation, is a Fortune 100 energy company.

Carmen pictured with PEPCO CEO Dave Velazquez

As noted in their presentation, the award help support the opening of Williamsburg Fairweather Lodge, the first such lodge in Virginia, this July.

In his acceptance, Carmen demonstrated HFV’s character as an organization by first acknowledging his fellow volunteers for their community service commitment and then the company for supporting the efforts of its employees.

in his remarks, he spoke how about how Hope Family Village is filling a vacuum by providing support to caregivers (8.4 million) and their loved ones (1 in 25) who live with a serious mental illness.