Covid World

It has been a long time since I have posted. Like many of you, families and caregivers, life changed in mid-March 2020. We had our last supper, so to speak, of Hope Family Village families at Jimmy’s in March. Jerry and Joy, one of our founding families, were bravely there. They are in their mid-

Pictures at an Exhibition

No, it’s not Muzzorgsky. It’s Hope Family Village. I had thought of entitling this post, 2019: Year in Review. Then, I thought that this year our accomplishments we can show in pictures. And, one photograph, taken by HFV member Jim Thomas, stands out.                   We journeyed for


After two full years of meeting at The Coffee House, envisioning the future, operating our virtual lodge, we became a real one on July 1, 2019. The first Fairweather Lodge in Virginia. Pictured are its first members, their lodge coordinator, at the their new home

HFV Presents to Kiwanis Toano

This week Director Lisa Thomas gave an excellent presentation on Hope Family Village to Kiwanis Toano. She described the needs of caregivers and their loved ones who live with serious mental illness. She covered our innovation. A neighborhood of acceptance. A place where neighbors help neighbors. Hope Family Village is an adaptation of the cohousing

Exelon Honors HFV’s Andreoli

Hope Family Village is very proud of its co-founder, director and treasurer Carmen Andreoli. Directors’ Trench and Thomas joined Carmen at Employee Volunteers Program Awards luncheon in DC in May. He was one of only 14 employees, companywide, to receive an award and grant of $5,000 for the HFV organization. He was the only awardee

Strategic Planning Workshop

Six months ago, we held our first strategic planning workshop (coach Susie Hill and W&M Business School’s Kim Mallory prompted us). We got off to a great start. As President, I wish to acknowledge all that Susie and Kim, the W&M Business School (LD Metcalfe, Graham Henshaw and their student teams) have done to support

Hope Family Village Update

Since January, we have been running full out. (I have noticed some grey hair appearing.) 1. In July we will open the first Fairweather Lodge in Virginia. The Williamsburg Fairweather Lodge has been a long time coming. Beginning in 2015, we took part in national lodge events and conferences. In 2017, we started a virtual